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For those who are not involved in the Amateur Radio hobby (otherwise known as "ham radio"), KE3IJ is my radio callsign, which is short and unique for use as a website name-- so I decided to name the domain after it. You can type "www.ke3ij.com", "http://ke3ij.com", or just "ke3ij.com" in your browser window-- all three map to this website.

Also, my old email address, ke3ij@tricountyi.net, has been changed to rick@ke3ij.com.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal readers and visitors for your interest-- I started this website in 2004 and there has been a steady (and surprising) growth in the number of visitors and 'fans' since then, from many different countries, who have written to ask questions or thank me for posting the free schematics of simple home-made radio circuits, most of which are common designs of yesteryear, with my own design modifications.... so it's not that I have such unique circuits, as it is that we old fogeys are slowly disappearing, and the new generation hasn't yet been exposed to the simple delights of "rolling your own" minimalist radio circuits. The era of "do-it-yourself" kit-building has pretty much passed here in America, and although I acknowledge that trend, I also intend to buck it and to do my own small part in keeping the spirit of basement electronic tinkering alive for anyone who shares my hobby and wants to try his hand at building one of the simple circuits that our granddads enjoyed using, back when radio was young.

--Rick, KE3IJ

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