In part 1 of this article, I called attention to the fact that the nominal spectrum of the Schumann resonances, seems to be identical to the upper sideband mixer product, in radio terms, of the two frequencies 1.3 Hz and its 5th harmonic, 6.5 Hz, and its harmonic series. How this phenomenon occurs, I don't claim to know, but I observe the startling coincidence and report it anyway. I will spin some speculative tales, based on that observation, also, in this paper. Food for thought...

So where did I come up with the frequency 1.3 Hz? It's the difference between the observed Schumann fundamental frequency of 7.8 Hz and the interval between it and its overtones, or modes [6.5 Hz].

Could there be any biological signifance for the frequency 1.3 Hz, or 1.3 cycles per second of vibration rate? Well, if we look at it as how many cycles occur per minute, we get that by multiplying by 60 seconds/minute:

1.3 cycles per second x 60 seconds per minute = 78 cycles per minute.

Just a few cycles faster than 72 cycles...or beats per minute...72 BPM is the nominal heartbeat of an adult human being!

The beat frequency between 7.8 Hz and 6.5 Hz = 1.3 Hz or 78 BPM.

I don't know about you, but my heart rate has been much higher than 78 BPM at times! Maybe there's a particular heart rate that, when stabilized via a meditative state, resonates [in its 6th harmonic] with the fundamental Schumann frequency of 7.80 Hz, +/-.5 Hz???

[resonance implies sync locking/entrainment, and maximum power t ransfer between two or more systems.]

[more to come...]